Mechanical Man

Mechanical men are intelligent, artificial lifeforms created by ancient peoples, wizards and Vulcanus, god of the forge. They are as sentient as any living creature, and can “procreate” by building children and endowing them with a portion of their own souls.

Mechanical men are humanoid creatures composed of tin, wood, bronze, porcelain, ivory, steel or other such materials. The actual form of a mechanical man is highly variable. Mechanical fighting-men often have suits of armor attached to their bodies, while thieves may streamline their bodies to make fitting into small places easier.


  • Mechanical men are immune to poison and disease.
  • They do not need to eat or breath, although they can benefit from imbibing a magical potion.
  • Spells that heal damage to living bodies are only half as effective on Mechanical Men.
  • Mechanical Men have 50% resistance to lightning damage.
  • A Mechanical Man has a natural Armor Class of 12.
  • A Mechanical Man’s unarmed strikes do 1d3 damage unless the Monk class is chosen (which then it starts at the 1d4 for that class).

Mechanical Man

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