Character Creation

Players should create three (3) Characters at the start of play. Players should have two (2) characters ready to play as back-up at any time.

Roll Attribute Scores

Roll 3d6 a total of 6 times and record those scores in the order you rolled them to each of the six attributes; Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

Choose Race

Pick a race, note any special abilities and/or class restrictions.

Choose Class

Pick a class best suited for your attribute scores and race. Record starting abilities, hit points, attack bonuses and saving throw score.

Characters start 1st level at maximum hit points.

Choose Alignment

Choose alignment best suited for the party and character you want to play.

Purchase Equipment

Roll 3d6X10, this is your starting gold to spend on armor, weapons, and miscellaneous equipment. Calculate final encumbrance.

Left over money may be saved to spend in town for rumors, hirelings, or debauchery.

Finishing Touches

Finalize your character by doing the following:

  • Name Your Character
  • Provide a basic description and personality
  • Pick a deity (or detiies) to worship

Character Creation

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