The bard is a sub-class of fighting-man, a warrior-poet whose music works magic. Bards are usually charismatic rogues, stealing hearts as readily as they cross steel. They are walking repositories of legends and stories. Their music is capable of stiffening the resolve of comrades, lulling guards into a daze, or charming lads and lasses.

  • Prime Attributes: Intelligence & Charisma, 13+ (+5% experience)
  • Hit Dice: 1d6+2 per level, +3 hit points per level after level 9
  • Armor/Shield Permitted: Leather, padded, ring, shield.
  • Weapons Permitted: Bows, club, dagger, dart, hand axe, mace, war hammer, javelin, long sword, short sword, sling, spear, and staff.


Decipher (1st): Bards can decipher and interpret legends and secret writings by making an saving throw. This includes unfamiliar languages, codes and incomplete messages. Bards can also use this ability to decipher and then cast spells from arcane scrolls, though the intelligence saving throw to do so is made at a penalty equal to the level of the spell being cast.

Inspiration (1st): By playing music, singing or reciting heroic verse, bards can inspire listeners to surpass their normal level of performance, granting allies a +1 bonus to all saving throws for a number of rounds equal to the bard’s level. A bard can do this a number of times per day equal to their level. The bonus imparted increases with the bard’s level, to +2 at sixth level and +3 at twelfth level.

Legend Lore (1st): With a successful saving throw, a bard acquires or remembers some information pertaining to local notables, a legendary item, a noteworthy place or any other relevant bit of information. Acquiring the information may involve speaking to the locals or doing research in a library. This ability cannot reveal the exact powers of a magic item, but may give a hint to its history, general function or activation. The Referee may make the saving throw harder based on the obscurity of the knowledge.

Fascinate (4th): At fourth level, a bard gains the ability to place a single creature into a trance with a performance. The bard can use this ability three times per day, and can maintain the effect for a number of rounds equal to the character’s level.

When attempting to fascinate, the target makes a saving throw to resist. If the saving throw fails, the creature sits quietly and listens to the bard for the duration of the effect. While fascinated, the creature is considered prone and suffers a -4 penalty to saving throws and armor class. If the creature’s saving throw succeeds, the bard cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. Any obvious threat to the fascinated creature, such as the casting of a spell, drawing a sword, or aiming of a weapon, automatically breaks the effect.

At fifth level, the bard may attempt to charm a fascinated creature, making the creature completely under the influence of the bard. At eighth level, the bard may attempt to implant a suggestion in a fascinated creature, whereas the creature will do anything that is asked of it as long as it can be accomplished before the fascination ends. At twelfth level, a bard may attempt to instill antipathy/sympathy on a fascinated creature, making him either grow enamored and pleased to be in the area he currently resides or filled with sudden revulsion and is compelled to flee. In each case, the creature receives an additional saving throw to resist the additional effect.

To find the number of creatures the bard can fascinate at once, roll 1d6 per bard level (i.e. a level 4 bard can fascinate 4d6 creatures).

Heroism (9th): At ninth level, a bard can inspire heroism in one other creature. For every two levels the bard attains beyond ninth level, the bard can inspire heroism in one additional creature. To inspire heroism, the bard must use song, poetry or some sort of oration. A creature inspired gains a +2 bonus to attacks and saving throws and +2 hit points per level for one minute.

Bard Progression Table

Level Experience Hit Dice Attack Save Title Abilities
1 0 1 +0 16 Dilettante Decipher, Inspiration +1, Legend Lore
2 1,700 2 +0 15 Raconteur
3 3,400 3 +1 14 Jongleur
4 6,800 4 +2 13 Versifer Fascinate
5 13,600 5 +2 12 Goliard Charm (Fascinate)
6 25,000 6 +3 11 Poet Inspiration +2
7 50,000 7 +4 10 Minstral
8 100,000 8 +5 9 Troubadour Suggestion (Fascinate)
9 200,000 9 +6 8 Meistersinger Heroism
10 320,000 +3 hp +7 7 Meistersinger
11 440,000 +6 hp +7 6 Meistersinger
12 560,000 +9 hp +8 5 Meistersinger Antipathy/Sympathy (Fascinate), Inspiration +3


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